Tax law is becoming increasingly complex. Our many years of experience allows us to provide professional support and reliable assistance in all tax matters – even internationally.  

Our focus

Tax filing

Do you need help in filing your taxes? Take advantage of our many years of experience in taxes and the comprehensive expertise of our staff.Tax law is a complex field that is constantly changing through statutory amendments. That is why nothing should be left to accident when filing taxes.We not only fill out your tax forms for you, we also examine them for optimisation potential and help you avoid financial forfeitures. Let our professionals help you and receive a tax-optimised tax return for the current legal situation.

Review for optimisation potential

Completion of tax forms for both natural and legal entities

Transmission of tax return to tax office

Tax rulings

Tax law is a dynamic, many-sided and complex field that is subject to constant change. To provide taxable entities more legal certainty, there is the possibility of a so-called tax ruling in which the entity liable for taxes and the responsible tax authority come to an agreement about taxation before a planned transaction. The company presents the situation and the resulting taxation in a petition. By countersigning it, the tax authorities confirm that the tax consequences have been correctly represented. Both parties agree to adhere to the binding preliminary decision, which is always oriented to the relevant tax laws.

As a recognised tax expert, we can assist you in submitting a request for a tax ruling to the tax authorities. Benefit from our expertise and our network.

Tax objections

Do you have questions about your tax assessment, or do you disagree with the assessment and wish to file an objection? We can advise you comprehensively and file the tax objection for you. Even if you have already filed an objection, or have only been partially accepted, we can represent you in your appeal. You can count on our expert support.

Review of tax assessments and tax billing

Representation to tax authorities (objections and appeals)

Tax optimisation

By thinking long-term, potential savings can be exploited, and cases in which complicated tax law will apply can be detected early. We help you achieve the optimal tax burden in every situation. In addition, we also show you measures for long-term tax optimisation. Our network includes the top tax experts in Switzerland, and we are very familiar with tax legislation and the tax authority practices in all of the Swiss cantons. We are also glad to serve regarding international tax questions.

Tax advising

We believe tax advising is more than just the preparation of your private or business tax return. Our focus in on comprehensive advising and optimal planning of your taxes. As adept tax advisers, we know our way around the tax laws in all of the Swiss cantons and are well networked with the best tax experts in Switzerland. We achieve the best for your company under consideration of all legally unobjectionable possibilities. We audit tax bills and assessments. And in the event of unjustifiable estimates, we use all of the existing legal means available to represent your interests to the tax authorities.

Value added tax

Do you want to know whether your company is liable for value added tax? We can advise you on all matters of value-added taxes and review whether you are also liable in the EU zone. In addition, we can assist you in official value-added audits. We can also advise internationally and act as fiscal representation for foreign companies which are liable for value-added taxes in Switzerland.

Examination of value-added tax liability

Clarification and registration of companies liable for value-added tax

Preparation of value-added tax returns

Preparation of revenue and preliminary tax agreements

Fiscal representation for foreign companies which are liable for value-added taxes in Switzerland

Preparation of value-added rulings

Other services:

We can assist both natural and legal entities in:

Preparing tax returns, including observance of any tax exclusions as well as double taxation agreements among all Swiss cantons and foreign countries

Examination of tax bills and tax assessments

Support for and elaboration of rulings, objections, appeals and complaints

Advising for company start-ups, transformations, mergers, restructurings and liquidations

Succession arrangements, company disposals and MBOs

Optimisation of inheritance and gift tax issues

Optimisation of inheritance and gift tax issues

General tax representation

Tax optimisation when relocating registered offices

Value-added tax advice, including preparing returns

Taxes deducted at source

Withholding tax

Capital gains tax

Stamp duty

Fiduciary is  a matter of trust

We would be happy to advise you on all questions relating to our fiduciary services.

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