Interim CFO:

Our services as Interim CFO:


As a stop-gap measure, we provide you with a stand-in CFO who has the ability to very quickly familiarise himself with your company. An interim assignment of this nature lets you find the perfect successor for your head of finance without any rush, also avoiding the risks entailed by a leaderless Finance & Controlling division.


An interim manager is often also an ideal person to guide a company through a transformation phase. Such phases don’t have to involve complete restructurings or reorganisations; they usually involve partial changes, such as the introduction of new systems or geographical expansion.  


Even if you don’t actually need a Chief Financial Officer, but rather an accounting generalist who can temporarily help you through a difficult phase with his knowledge of systems, controlling, accounting and project management, we have a solution waiting for you.


There are many ways in which startups can benefit from a temporary CFO. For example, they draw direct benefit from the experience the interim CFO has gained in many different companies. At the same time, they can also keep the financial cost low if our expert is only deployed on a project-related basis, for example as a source of guidance in strategic decision-making processes.

Negotiating partner

If a company finds their collaboration with banks becoming increasingly difficult, for instance, an interim CFO can succeed in bringing a neutral outside perspective into the negotiations and so guide the company back into calmer waters.

Fiduciary is  a matter of trust

We would be happy to advise you on all questions relating to our fiduciary services.

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