Financial accounting

Financial accounting is an essential part of successful company management. When we take over your bookkeeping, our experts in accounting create a comprehensive reporting for you that tells you about the current financial situation and liquidity of your company. Strengths and weaknesses are immediately detected in the framework of the business analysis, and optimisation potential is indicated. We work accurately whilst handling your information with confidentiality. Our well-trained staff is distinctly oriented to practicality and to helping you implement your bookkeeping accurately and efficiently.

Our focus in accounting

Online bookkeeping

We offer our clients the option of online bookkeeping. We work with the most modern software which allows you to take care of your bookkeeping online from anywhere. The services are adapted to your individual needs. In this way, you can do your bookkeeping yourself. A large part of this, up to payment of creditors, takes place automatically. We check your data and are available for consultation, should you need it.

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Accounts payable accounting

Accounts payable accounting includes recording and managing your open receivables. Risks such as non-payment can be reduced to a minimum at the outset through targeted accounts payable management. As your reliable partner in accounts payable accounting, we handle all routine tasks, geared to your needs. You decide whether your reporting should be prepared as sum and balances lists or open posts lists.

Preparation and delivery of invoices

Receivables management for non-payment (debt collection support)

Preparation of valuations (e.g., sum-balance lists)

Modern software to connect your services directly with the receivables software

Accounts receivable accounting

In the area of accounts receivable, we handle all tasks related to invoicing for you. In addition to invoice control, account assignment and booking, this also includes updating master data, archiving and reporting. Depending on your needs, you receive analyses such as open post lists, creditor balance lists or also analyses of debt maturity profiles. We can either undertake payments immediately, or we can send the DTA files (payment files) per email so that you only need to read them into the e-banking. Burdensome typing work is eliminated and, as a client, you only trigger the invoices that you want to have executed.

Master data updating

Invoice control, assignment and booking

Modern software that can send the payment files directly per email


Preparation of analyses

Payroll accounting

We do your payroll accounting for you. But for us, this is more than just preparing the monthly payroll. We support you with our know-how in the complex area of tax and social insurance law as well. We handle the master data updating and control the payment transactions. Our modern software helps us to send you the DTA files (payment files) directly per email so that you need only simply trigger the payments at your convenience. We also prepare analyses and can advise you on all wage and salary questions. We take care of all foreign national employee registrations as well as tax withholding statements.

Preparation and sending of monthly pay statements

Development of all variable salary components (i.e., benefits, commissions)

Tax withholding statements


Preparation of DTA files (payment files)

List of holiday, extra hours and overtime per employee

Annual summaries / statements including social insurances

Support in pension revisions

Office services

We provide tailoured solutions in the area of office services. We can take on the office management for you in order to relieve you of administrative tasks. We handle numerous secretarial services with reliability. This includes classic correspondence, handling telephone calls and also postal services.We also offer office space to rent. Talk to us about your needs – chances are, we have the suitable space for you.

Other accounting services

Financial accounting

Annual and interim reporting

International accounting

Financial and liquidity planning

Business plans incl. budgets

Organisational arrangements

Risk assessment

Fiduciary is  a matter of trust

We would be happy to advise you on all questions relating to our fiduciary services.

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Online bookkeeping

We offer our clients the option of online bookkeeping. We work with the most modern software which allows you to take care of your bookkeeping online from anywhere.

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