We offer a comprehensive range of inheritance-related services that benefit both testators and heirs.  We ensure that estates are administered smoothly and conflict-free.  

For testators

Estate plan

If you prepare your estate plan well ahead of time, you’ll have peace of mind that you have spared your heirs a great deal of trouble. It is often not possible for the layperson to identify where conflict potential could arise during the execution of the will. That’s why would be happy to assist you in preparing your estate plan – with professional expertise and the experience of many years. The crux of your estate plan is a handwritten will. We help you with the wording and draw your attention to the relevant legal provisions.

Execution of the will

The beneficiaries of a will are faced with many unfamiliar tasks to carry out. If, as the testator, you would like to make things easy for your heirs and prevent any inheritance disputes from arising in the first place, you would be wise to appoint an executor to perform these obligations. This is where we can help: we take care of every detail, be it organising the funeral or household clearance, through to all the other administrative tasks such as probate, debt settlement, communication with offices and authorities and, last but not least, the division of your estate. Thus we offer a more comprehensive service than a classic executor, who often merely divides the estate among the beneficiaries.

Power of Attorney

Life is not predictable.  But you can take precautions to mitigate the negative consequences of the unpredictable. If you become mentally incapacitated due to dementia or an accident, for example, the authorities will appoint a guardian in the case of an unmarried person. If you set up a Power of Attorney, on the other hand, you can ensure that someone you know can be entrusted with your affairs.  We advise you on the wording of your Power of Attorney (living will, asset management, legal representation), and help you assess who would be most suitable to fulfil this role.

For heirs

Mediation / Division of the estate

If the testator has not appointed an executor, the heirs must divide the estate assets among themselves on their own. Even with smaller estates, this process can result in friction and conflict. In such cases, unbiased, professional support makes for clarity. With our mediation service, we mediate between the individual beneficiaries. The aim is to draw up a property division agreement that satisfies all parties involved.

Estate management

An inheritance, or estate, is not just about property and rights, but also entails obligations, such as monetary debt. Sometimes the responsible authorities may appoint an administrator to administer the estate under official supervision. We too are able to assume this role, however, also on behalf of a community of heirs, because it can be quite a challenge for them to administer the active and passive assets, especially in the case of extensive and complex estates.

Fiduciary is  a matter of trust

We would be happy to advise you on all questions relating to our fiduciary services.

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